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Foot, Ankle, Knee or Hip Pain

If you suffer persistent foot, ankle, knee or hip pain that is not the result of an injury your foot posture may be a consideration when trying to determine the cause.

The position of our feet when weight-bearing affects the alignment of multiple other structures in our bodies and when we walk postural abnormalities can mean that our feet, ankles, knees or hips operate in ways that can, over time, cause muscle aching, stretching of tendons and ligaments and damage to joints.

In many cases where a biomechanical anomaly is found the introduction of a simple orthotic into footwear can re-align the foot, provide structural support and, with correct usage, reduce the discomfort associated with a posturally unstable foot.

In order to determine whether your feet are the cause of your foot, ankle, knee or hip pain and whether this discomfort may be alleviated with the use of an orthotic a biomechanical assessment is necessary.

If you would like to book a biomechanical assessment click the link below and select the appropriate option.

When attending for a biomechanical assessment please wear loose fitting clothing - ideally something that can be rolled to above the knee.  It is also necessary to bring shoes which have an enclosed heel cup (not sandals), a mid-foot fastening (laces, velcro, buckle) and that have no arch support inside. Orthotics can be moved from shoe to shoe so feel free to bring as many pairs as you like

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