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Diabetic Foot Care

For those with diabetes proper diabetic foot care is essential  to preventing a host of problems.

The increased blood glucose levels associated with diabetes causes damage to the nerves of the feet over time.  


This could mean that the feet gradually change shape resulting in high-pressure areas which begin to form thick callus.  


In the insensate foot, damage caused by callus to underlying tissues may go unnoticed and result in open wounds (ulcers) which, due to other issues associated with the condition such as poor circulation and a compromised immune response, may prove difficult to heal leaving the foot vulnerable to infection.

It is important to have regular diabetic foot checks to ensure that you are aware of any sensory deficit which may present a risk to your foot health.

Plenty of advice on how to look after your feet if you are diabetic can be found in our free 10 Tips for Healthy Diabetic Feet information sheet below.

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