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Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are a painful problem which, as the name suggests, occur when part of the nail grows into the tissues at the side of the nails.

In some cases this condition can be avoided by good nail cutting technique but in others the shape of the nail is the cause of the problem.

Some nail plates are very wide, others may be involuted (excessively curved across the width of the nail plate).  Either of these anatomical variations result in increased pressure in the sulcus (the fold at the side of the nail).

Treatment options range from advice on good nail cutting technique or conservative management by your Podiatrist to a minor procedure to remove the problem portion of the nail (local aneasthetic) and application of a chemical to the nail matrix to prevent this portion regrowing in future.

Minor nail surgery is not a suitable option for all clients and will only be offered after a full assessment of suitability.

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