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As well as providing the usual range of Chiropody & Podiatry treatments, Truro Foot Clinic offers a corrective treatment for damaged or fungal nails.

WILDE PEDIQUE - Nail Reconstruction

LCN Wilde Pedique has been designed specifically for corrective and restorative toe nail treatments. The gel bonds to a surface and hardens with the application of UV-A light, forming a resilient but elastic surface offering strength with a glossy finish. 


The LCN gel, once applied and cured, will essentially look and cut like a normal toe nail. It is an ideal solution for those clients who are looking for a cosmetically pleasing look for pathological nails without harmful toxins, providing the best possible chance of normal healthy nail growth.

LCN Wilde-Pedique is a highly effective toenail correction system.


WILDE PEDIQUE - Nail Reconstruction can be used to conceal ridges on uneven nail surfaces, hide nail discolouration and normalise the nail contour where fungal nail tissue has been removed.

Wilde-Pedique can be used in conjunction with fungal nail treatments, both oral and topical and contains Piroctone Olamine (a slow release anti-fungal agent) plus Micro Silver (well known for its healing and anti-microbial properties) thus limiting the spread of the fungal infection and improving the chances of infection eradication.

Who would want a Wilde Pedique Treatment?

Anyone who has:-


Pathological nails - usually damaged through trauma or fungal infection.


Cracked/split nails - LCN gel prevents further damage by covering the crack/split, preventing snagging.


Nails damaged by trauma or partial nail regrowth following toenail removal surgery – A prosthetic nail may help the new nail grow into place along the nail bed thereby minimising risk of an ingrown nail.  For best results a portion of remaining nail is necessary to give the Wilde Pedique gel a surface with which to bond.

Other Properties

  • No odour, no discolouration – Once the acrylester resin has been cured for about two mins under a UV-A light, the material is completely cured and will not change.

  • No primer/chemical activator – LCN gels use no aggressive acidic primers which damage the natural nail plate.

  • No damage to the natural nail – As the gel cures to a flexible surface, it will not damage or hinder the natural nail growth.

  • Non Porous – neither moisture nor air can penetrate the material and, therefore, fungal nails can be covered with the gels helping prevention of further spread or development of infection.

Once an LCN nail has been applied it can be treated the same way as a natural toenail, which means it can be filed and varnished using standard or gel nail polish which can also be removed in the normal way, without damage to your new nail.

After care is mostly common sense as any trauma to the nail or excess pressure may damage the LCN in the same way as it would damage a natural nail.  It is advisable to keep the nail dry for 24 hours following application.  With proper care the nail will remain attached until the last part of the attached nails grows out and is cut away.

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