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Payment accepted by cash or debit card


Routine Footcare Appointment

Routine footcare includes the treament of  fungal nails, problem or ingrowing nails,  corns, callus, cracked heels and many other superficial foot problems.

Initial Consult with Routine Treatment               £45.00

Routine Treatment                                                £40.00


Verruca treatments

These will vary in cost and are in addition to the cost of assessment.. 

All options will be discussed at assessment.


Swift Verruca and Wart Assessment                    £45.00

LCN Wilde Pediqe Corrective nail treament  

This appointment is for those who have damaged or fungal nails and would like to improve their appearance (longer appointments may be required if multiple nails require correction at additional cost).

from £50

Cancellation Charges

Appointments cancelled with at least 2 hours notice - No charge.

Appointments cancelled within 2 hours of their start time - Charged at full cost of treatment.

Non attendance without notice - Charged at full cost of treatment.

Three consecutive appointments cancelled (two consecutive initial assessments) - Online bookings not accepted.  Payment required ahead of further booking.

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